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Ontario, with a population exceeding 13.5 million, stands as the most multicultural province in Canada, attracting around 40% of the approximately 250,000 new immigrants annually, who choose to settle and build a new life in this diverse and vibrant province. Toronto, in particular, has gained the reputation of being the most multicultural city globally, boasting the use of over 100 languages and dialects. If you are considering a move to Ontario, this section provides comprehensive information on the immigration process and available options. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program serves as an immigration initiative through which the province nominates individuals and their families for permanent resident status, based on its labor market and economic development priorities. This program encompasses various streams tailored for skilled workers, students, and businesses.

The application process for immigrating to Canada as a permanent resident through the provincial programs is a two-step procedure: applicants first receive a PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) nomination, which can then be utilized to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry.

Ontario extends the opportunity for permanent residency in the province to the following groups:

  1. 1. English-speaking skilled workers
  2. 2. French-speaking skilled workers
  3. 3. Master’s Degree graduates in Ontario
  4. 4. PhD graduates in Ontario
  5. 5. Foreign Workers with a Job Offer
  6. 6. International Students with a Job Offer

Applicants applying through the Masters Graduate Stream and PhD Graduate Stream can do so without a job offer, whereas skilled workers are required to possess the necessary education, relevant work experience, language proficiency, and other attributes conducive to their successful establishment and integration into Ontario’s labor market and communities.

The Ontario Nominee Program also aids employers in fulfilling their human resource needs by facilitating the recruitment of foreign workers and international students. Skilled foreign workers with a full-time job offer from an Ontario-based employer are provided the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in the province. Recently, the Ontario Nominee Program has introduced a new stream targeting in-demand occupations within the agricultural and construction sectors.

Please be aware that the Province of Ontario charges a $1,500 application fee, covering the cost of processing your application, which is non-refundable once you submit your application.

Understanding that each individual’s path to Canada is unique, characterized by a variety of immigration categories, we invite you to schedule a consultation if you are interested in applying for one of the Ontario Nominee Programs.

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